Maße 215 mm x 287 mm

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Monsta is frustrated: he chose this one child specifically to live under its bed and cause some fear. And how it worked: He sawed his teeth, bit the post, creaked the door and hid the dolls. puffed up his nostrils, his muscles tense. But what is happening? Nothing, absolutely nothing: the baby snores, grunts and even smiles in his sleep. No hint of fear! It goes without saying that Monsta is sick of this now …

An emotional story about a monster that tries to tell a child its touching story ...

Beautifully presented, colourful, with charming illustrations on each page.

Discover the mysterious world of monster dilemmas and confessions!

Books are shipped in a specially secured flat cardboard box. Carefully packed, they will reach the destination safely.

Illustrated by Mateo Dineen
Story written by Dita Zipfel
Language: German

Made in Germany