Giclée Printing

What is Giclée Printing?

Giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”) is an extremely high quality ink-jet printing process that produces beautiful digital reproductions that last much longer than those produced using traditional ‘commercial’ printing techniques. For this reason, it is the printing technique that we use for all our editions.

This sophisticated reproduction technology not only utilises more colours than regular printing, but also has an unparalleled vibrancy and detail.


Quite simply, Giclée printing is best method of artwork reproduction currently available.

The word “Giclée” comes from the French verb “to spray” – and refers to the ink being sprayed onto the paper/canvas at high speed. The very latest inks are said to offer up to 70 years light-fastness and UV-resistance.

Zozoville Gallery produces each giclée print on 220 gram cotton-rag paper in an edition of 25 per image. Each print is hand signed by either Mateo Dineen or Johan Potma.